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Reiki Healing 
& Clairvoyance

Reiki is a 2500 years old Japanese healing technique, rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the 18th century

Reiki is comprised of the Japanese words REI (Universal) and KI (Life Energy) and is used for natural healing and spiritual development

Reiki Healing is a treatment that is used to conduct life energy from the Reiki Master to the patient. Often times patients also experience pain relief, stress reduction and more balanced energy

How Reiki healing works - Balancing All Senses

Everything you have experienced throughout your life/lives, can have created imbalances in your body, and can manifest itself physically or mentally 

(For example; Back pain, bad mood, sadness etc..) 

Reiki healing releases subconscious feelings and experiences and restores the free flow of energy in your body and mind  

Healing is a holistic method that enables whole body, mind and spirit connection

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